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Eastbury Manor House, Barking


Eastbury Manor House - Elizabethan merchant's house and gardens


Eastbury Manor House, Barking - Elizabethan merchant's house and gardens

Eastbury Manor House, Eastbury Square, Barking IG11 9SN

Telephone: 020 8724 1002


  Upney (District Line) - Barking

Admission charges apply.

A 'National Trust' property, managed by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, open on the first and second Saturday of each month all year. Tradition says the Gunpowder Plot was first hatched here! There are notable 17th-century wall paintings on the first floor.

The land on which Eastbury House now stands was once part of the demesne of Barking Abbey. It was built in the 1570s by a wealthy merchant Clement Sisley, who purchased the land after the dissolution of Barking Abbey. It was probably the first brick built building in the area at that time; it had glass windows and very high chimneys, indicating the wealth of the owner. Glass was probably imported from Italy as at that time English glass was relatively poor in quality. A dendrochronology survey dates a timber framework to 1566 and there is documentary evidence which describes the dates 1572 carved in the brickwork and 1573 on a lead water spout indicating finishing touches to the building.

Further to the award of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, building work is expected to be completed early 2009, to improve access and interpretation of the house: some areas will therefore be inaccessible to visitors. Please CHECK HERE

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