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A Brief History of London - Time Line


A Brief History of the London Area - As a Time Line


A Brief History of the London Area - As a Time Linec.42 A.D. - "Londinium" established as a Roman port on the north bank of the River Thames by Emperor Claudius Nero Germanicus (41-54 A.D.)

410 - Roman Legions leave Britain

c. 600 - Saxon London built to the west of Londinium

c. 871 - London sacked by the Danes

878 - King Alfred returns to London routing the Danes

1045 - King Edward (The Confessor) makes London his capital for England

1066 - William the Conqueror orders the building of a castle (The Tower of London) on his coronation

1213 - St Thomas's Hospital inaugurated by monks and nuns of the Augustinian order

1265 - The first English Parliament sits at Westminster

1347 to 1401 - The "Black Death" plague devastates the population of London

1599 - The Globe Theatre is completed

1605 - The "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up Parliament by Guy Fawkes, AKA Guido was an Elizabethan nobleman, adventurer, and politician is discovered

1665 - The bubonic plague kills around 70,000 Londoners

1666 - The Great Fire of London destroys the heart of London, raising over 13,000 houses and more than 80 churches to the ground

1694 - The Bank of England is formed

1712 - St Paul's Cathedral completed

1750 - The first Westminster Bridge is built

1785 - The Times newspaper first published

1812 - Spencer Percival the Prime Minister is assassinated

1827 - London Zoo founded at The Regent's Parkas a scientific establishment but not open to the public

1833 - London Fire Brigade formed

1839 - Nelson's Column completed in Trafalgar Square

1851 - 'The Great Exhibition' runs in Hyde Park

1853 - Harrods first opens its doors

1863 - The Metropolitan Line underground train line opens

1884 - Greenwich mean time established - Tower Bridge opened - Madame Tussauds opens on present site

1897 - Queen Victoria's jubilee year

1914 - London hit by first air raid by 'Zeppelin' air ship

1940 - German 'Luftwaffe' bomb London as part of the 'Blitzkrieg'

1948 - King George VI opens The Olympic Games at the original Wembley Stadium

1953 - Queen Elizabeth II coronation takes place at Westminster Abbey

1981 - First London Marathon - Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral

1992 - Canary Wharf opens

2000 - The (British Airways) London Eye - Millennium Wheel opens


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