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London Buses for Visitor Travel - Routemaster


London Buses for Visitor Travel - Routemaster bus travel, London


London Bus Photo - London Red Buses and Routemaster London Buses for Visitor Travel London Red Buses and Routemaster London Bus routes for Visitor Travel

One of the greatest way of seeing London sights is from the top deck of a London bus. There are literally hundreds of places of interest to be seen on London's bus routes.

The heritage Routemaster London bus fleet owned and operated by London Transport numbers around a dozen vehicles. With up to six buses a day running between 10.00 and 17.00 on routes 9 and 15, each bus crewed by a driver and conductor - 'just like in the old days'. The Routemaster London Bus tour is likely to die out over the next ten years as spare parts become too expensive to produce.

Bus passengers boarding any London bus in 'zone 1' must purchase a valid ticket or Oyster card before boarding any London Transport bus. Ticket machines are at bus stops.

London bus map and London bus time table

Valid London Bus fare ticket required

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