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London Monuments


London Monuments, Statues and Plaques


London monument to Boudica (also spelled Boudicca, formerly better known as Boadicea) London must have more monuments, statues and plaques than any other city in the world. You don't seem to be able to walk a hundred meters without passing something of interest.

We are endeavouring to represent as many London monuments, statues and plaques as possible! (eventually)

Boudica (also spelled Boudicca, formerly better known as Boadicea) - The Boudica Statue with her 2 daughters on a war chariot is positioned in the shaddow of Big Ben on the Thames Embankment by Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, London. Is probably the statue most often seen as it features at the beginning of many news broadcasts and reports from or about London or England. Westminster

The Battle of Britain Memorial Monument

Cleopatra's Needle

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

Queen Boudica Statue

RAF Memorial

Memorial to Sir Joseph Bazalgette CE

Memorial to W T Stead, Journalist

Further research is ongoing for London monuments, statues and plaques












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