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London Travel Tips


Top 10 London Travel and Trip Tips


Big Ben and Bodicea - London Travel Tips1. Take out travel insurance.

2. Wear good walking shoes with low heels – wear two pairs of thin socks, allowing your feet to move easier inside your shoes – helps prevent blisters!

3. Watch out for the thieves of time - Queues! Get your timings right – plan your day - don’t waste time waiting around and queuing! A weekend in London is over in a flash!

4. Visit between October and End of March – It is less crowded and there are less or no leaves on the trees so you can see more of the places you have come to see (and photograph), plus open top tour bus tickets are valid for two days during the winter!

5. Buy your tickets, particularly your open top tour-bus ticket before you travel – this can save you time.

6. Take a digital camera with spare batteries and extra memory card(s) – use a wrist strap at all times to help avoid accidents or theft.

7. Don’t wear expensive jewellery or watches – The chances of being mugged are remote, but take care of yourself and your belongings.

8. Do not give money to ‘beggars’ – they are probably better off than you!

9. Buy a Travelcard for unlimited London Bus, Underground and DLR travel – Keep it safe.

10. Take a small back-pack containing;

Pack-a-Mac and/or brolly - you never know when it is going to rain!

Fleecy - it can get cool, even in summer, on the top of an open air bus. (The open top tour bus operators do give you a stylish white plastic poncho!)

Sunglasses - even in winter, spring and autumn when the sun is low in the sky it can spoil your view.

At least one 500ml Bottle of water – refill where you can - bottled water in London is not cheap!

Biscuits, sweets, chocolate, dried and fresh fruit - emergency rations you can eat on the move – save time.

Underground Map - don’t spend time at stations trying to figure out where you are and where you’re going plan ahead – save time.

Bus route Planner - as above.

Wet-wipes - all year round bird droppings etc on benches – wipe toilet seats before you use them!

Small hand towel or flannel - for drying outdoor seating.

If you are asthmatic carry an extra inhaler.

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