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Portcullis House, London Building of Note


Portcullis House, London Building of Note


Portcullis House, Bridge Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2JHWestminster

Portcullis House, Bridge Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2JH

Portcullis House, opposite the Houses of Parliament is a Government Building housing amongst others the UK's European Commission.

Portcullis House also provides Parliamentary Select Committee, conference and meeting facilities for all MPs. The building has seven floors of accommodation based around a central courtyard. There are seven Select Committee rooms.

The priority for the UK Government in the design of this stunning building was "to leave as little impact on the planet as possible".

Designed by Sir Michael Hopkins with services design by Ove Arup, Portcullis House is probably the most environmentally-friendly building in Britain, if not in Europe.

Using less than 30% of the energy consumed by any similar sized building of conventional design, this equates to an average annual saving of 2,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Amongst other design features, the building incorporates a "living wall" façade which collects the sun's heat via dark blinds and maximises daylight through reflective lightshelves.

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