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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London Visitor Attraction


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London Visitor Attraction Mansion House is the nearest but you'll have to cross the Thames over either Southwark or Millennium Bridges. London Bridge or Southwark (nearest but least ditect) are a little further away but are on the south bank of the Thames.

Photo Opportunity Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, New Globe Walk, London, SE1

Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition, open all year round, is the world’s largest exhibition devoted to the playwright and poet William Shakespeare and the City of London in which he dwelled.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, LondonShakespeare’s Globe Exhibition is housed in a vast area beneath the actual theatre, the exhibition shows how Sam Wanamaker struggled to rebuild the Globe Theatre and bring William Shakespeare’s history and world to life. This is achieved using a wide range of interactive displays and live presentations.

See how special effects were produced in Shakespeare’s time or even join the cast and add your own voice to a scene played by actors. There is a theatrical sword-fighting display and you see a working printing press of the era in action.

Examine actors' Elizabethan clothing. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London


An exhibition visit and Globe Theatre tour lasts about an hour and a half.

Admission charges apply

Tel: 020 7902 1500

Website www.shakespeares-globe.org




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