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Victoria Embankment Gardens, London


Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster, London


Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster

Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster

Opened in 1875 the Victoria Embankment Gardens have always contained a mixture of deciduous trees and shrubs, bulbs and summer bedding. They continue to beautify the river bank to this day. The Victoria Embankment Gardens extend over about 20 acres.

A peaceful area - No radios etc, No cycling, No ball games and No pigeon feeding!

The Victoria Embankment Gardens are home to the Arthur Sullivan Memorial and a number of other memorials and statues

The gardens are open daily from 07.00 to 17.00 outside of British Summer Time (BST) and during BST times vary from 17.30 up to 21.00 in midsummer. Some gates close earlier than the normal closing time.

Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster  Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster


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